Introduction to flash CS4

Introduction to flash authoring environment.

Lets start by clicking on the Middle column which says Create New – Flash File (ActionScript.2.0)

You will find the flash environment very similar to a paint brush environment, so if you are familiar with paint brush, you will very much feel at home, now on the extreme right you will find the various tool bars like Drawing tools, view tools, color tools, options tools like the picture below.

On the top you will find a menu horizontal bar, which is very similar to any menu in any other programe, as seen below.

As seen in the picture below, at the bottom of the stage you will find the time line, you will see a bunch of rectangles starting from 0 to 570, on the left of the timeline bar you will find layers, on top of the layers1, there is something called timeline button, if you click on the timeline button you can hide the timeline, in case you want more space or room to work on with your drawings, etc, on top of the page, below the main menu you will find an edit bar, where all your scene will be on display, this edit bar shows where you are in the flash file.

Besides the edit bar you will find on the top right you have symbols for editing the scenes on the stage, and also for zooming in and out of the stage.
On the extreme right of the flash page, you will seen some panels namely Properties, Color, Align & Info & Transform, Action, Library etc, as you can see in the picture below, you can click on the panels to make necessary changes. You can customize your panel settings by simply clicking on the windows option in the main manu, the panel will come on stage, you can drag and drop in to the right extreme like this picture shown below.

You will understand all the above menus better as you work on it, this is just an introduction to the flash CS4 Environment.

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